Makers Club

We will be making things from found and recycled objects, simple circuit projects, crafting dioramas and three dimensional objects, and wire and fiber work. This class includes directed projects as well as free time to develop projects in depth .  The goal is to encourage free thinking and creativity within a framework of teaching techniques to assemble objects and solve problems. We will try making mazes, dioramas, robots, marble raceways, moving objects, arcade games, Doodlebots, 3 dimensional objects.  And of course we aim to have fun within a supportive community.

Makers Club is for girls and boys grade 3-5. Spring session priority will be given to new students not already in the Winter Session.


The backstory:  Kids are so busy these days, that they often have little time to let their imaginations free to make things with what they have.  Often projects are dictated with instructions, with a predetermined outcome, leaving little room for trial and error and personal creativity.  Or else they are using electronics, leaving little room for their own imagination to flourish.   This is a time for kids to experiment, work together in groups, ask questions, solve problems and use their hands to make things.  As adults we will help them with techniques to manipulate, cut, attach, and explore materials, as well as provide prompts and challenges.  For a look at one boys creativity you will be inspired to watch this short video: 


I'm sorry, Makers Club will not be running Fall of 2019